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Postemusée X Postamúzeum

Unsend Exhibition, Postal Museum Budapest


I established a postal museum. In Laudéac, a small city in Bretagne, not far from Nantes. It operates, and has operated for around fifteen years under 17 Rue de Pontivy. It was founded by proud Preton meilmen to honor and preserve the famour breton mailing culture. It is a small museum, has no ambition to compete with Musée de La Poste, the official French museum of mailing. However, with time, residents of Loudéac and local stamp collectors grew so fond of the Poste Museum, that it started expanding. Its director, Denise Barthélémy, one of the founders of the institution now works with a small group of mailing professionals that include ex-postmen as well as young mail art cutaors. You can Google it, it exists.

Now Poste Musée Loudéac aims to establish a new and exciting international collaboration. Marie Lejeune, communication manager og Poste Musée Loudéac reaches out to Post Museum Budapest by email, and an exchange of letters begins between the two intitutions.

Postemusée is not a finished work; the connection is alive, and so is the istitution.

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