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We collect and sort our waste; for the hope and for the bad conscience that quietly whispers maybe. Still, maybe these everyday practices could save us from devastation; the devastation that neither can we control, nor really assess. Since all this we are so very accountable of is that big, that it happens entirely above our heads. Plus, the dark forces of remorse, anxiety, insecurity and terror cast an additional shadow on the potential polluter. What can we trust? The future? Science? The sustentive power of society? The wise leaders? The good king? A good father who will keep everything in order? The Phantom Hope Strikes Back is a four and a half minute long distopy from our present. Our camera compares the tiny against the huge, in order to give a satisfying picture of the state of the world. With the help of the most evil father figure in pop culture, we examine the dark processes that frame our everydays, and the end, that is coming. And what a coming! The beauties of nature, culture & recreation, the pleasure of outdoor leisure activities pave the way towards the unknown darkness.



camera: Zsolt Dér

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